Cleanership is an ambitious program to retrieve and dispose of marine plastics & launch a fleet of self-empowered sustainability heroes.

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Marine Plastics Reports
Some of the reports about marine plastic pollution.


new link in the marine food chain

the deep sea is a major sink for microplastic debris


lost at sea where is all the plastic

marine debris accumulation in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: An examination of rates and processes

marine debris collects within the north pacific subtropical convergence zone

on north pacific circulation and associated marine debris concentration

numerical modelling of floating debris in the world's oceans


plastic pollution in the world's oceans

silent spring in the ocean

plastic and marine turtles

stemming the tide

microplastic presents pollution problem

mistaken identity

creatures living on

plastic pollution in the

garbage patch in the ocean

csiro marine debris factsheet

microplastic ingestion by scleractinian corals

marine plastic trials conversion to fuel

new techniques for the detection of microplastics

interaction between marine debris and toxic chemicals

marine debris wikipedia

vertical distribution of buoyant plastics at sea

marine plastic pollution in waters around australia

life in the plastisphere microbial communities on plastic marine debris

ingestion of plastics at sea does size really matter

review of the methods used for identification and quantification

microplastics as contaminants in the marine environment a review

marine debris review for carribean

transport and release of chemicals from plastics 

micro plastics in the oceans and their effect on the marine fauna

new techniques for the detection of microplastics in sediments and field collected organisms

revising interactions of plastics with marine biota evidence from the mediterranean

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