Cleanership is an ambitious program to retrieve and dispose of marine plastics & launch a fleet of self-empowered sustainability heroes.

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Marine Plastic Organisations
A list of organisations that have some interest in marine plastics.

Global Partnership on Marine Pollution




Ghost Nets


Tangaroa Blue


Ocean Cleanup


Upcycle the Gyres


5 Gyres


Positive Change for Marine Life


Plastic Ocean The Book


Ocean Crusaders


Plastic Pollution Coalition


Take 3


Two Hands Project


Pacific Gyre


Australian Marine Conservation Foundation


Ocean Conservancy


Plastic Oceans


NOAA Marine Debris Program




See Turtles - Marine Plastic




WWF Marine Pollution and Debris

One World One Ocean   Plastic Ocean Project

Greenpeace Stop Trashing Australia


Plastic Free Ocean


Environmental Cleanup Coalition Gyre Cleanup


Natural Resources Defence Council


Plastic Ocean - German Artist



Marine Litter Network



Greenpeace Trash Vortex



Ocean Portal Smithsonian Museum


Oceans and Plastics




Cleanership is an initiative of The Long Future Foundation: